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13th January 2013

Focus: Major feature enhancements and upgrade.


Focus: Major feature and interface enhancements, significant speed improvements, bug fixes and program/database re-structuring. p>

1. The database has been re-structured mainly to allow the provision of a table prefix in hosting situations where the user may only have one database (see wikindx4/config.php $WIKINDX_DB_TABLEPREFIX).
2. v4 requires >= PHP5.2.9 -- and has been re-written in a more OOP-like manner to reflect this -- and requires that javascript be enabled in the web browser. PHP5.2.9 also allows full use of AJAX/JSON techniques to improve the user interface and this is used in several areas of WIKINDX.
3. v4 requires at least MySQL 4.1 to cater for subqueries.
4. The database now uses the UTF-8 character set and collation.
5. v3.x plug-in modules will require minor re-writes to become compatible with the new v4 structure.
6. The core code is smaller and many extraneous functions in previous versions are now available as separately downloadable plug-in modules.
7. v4 uses Smarty templates for the display and greater control has now been given to admins over the visual display of many elements and pages.

1. For registered users, the session state is now automatically saved (bookmarks, searches, basket etc.) without requiring an explicit log-off.
2. Cited authors may now be browsed as a tag cloud.
3. Publication years may now be browsed as a tag cloud.
4. Resource types may now be browsed as a tag cloud.
5. For registered users, their user bibliographies may now be browsed as a tag cloud.
6. Multiple URLs may now be stored with each resource.
7. Bibliographic style files are now cached speeding up formatting operations.
8. New Subcategories are organized hierarchically below Categories. Each category can have zero or multiple subcategories; each subcategory belongs to one and only one category.
9. Registered users can make use of new user tags (managed from the My Wikindx menu). These function like personal keywords for resources.
10. Custom fields are now searcheable from within Search.
11. Resources added by registered users can now be optionally quarantined and blocked from public view until approved by an administrator. Administrators can quarantine resources at any time.
12. When displaying lists of resources, by default any URLs that appear as part of the bibliographic format for that resource are hyperlinked to that URL. Registered users can now set the entire resource to be hyperlinked to viewing that resource.
13. In addition to merging creators (where the merged creators will be deleted and subsumed under the target creator), admins may now group creators. This is intended for situations where one person may be represented by different creator names but you wish to keep those creator names accurate to the original bibliographic source. Grouped creators will not be deleted but, in select and browse operations, a selection of any member of a group will produce a list of resources for all members of that group.
14. Registered users can now be placed in a department and institution for organizational purposes and can be specified as a creator for email notification of resource edits where they are a creator. If a creator has been specified for users, departments or institutions, these three can be listed in the browse menu.
15. Attachments can be embargoed (blocked from public view) until a specified date -- the embargo is automatically lifted on or after the specified date. Until that time, only admins can view embargoed attachments.
16. BBCode is now no longer used and all form fields that previously used BBCode now use the WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor (WIKINDX v4 uses TinyMCE v3.5.5). All such form fields are now, therefore, WYSIWYG. The database upgrade process for v3.8 wikindices converts BBCode elements to HTML elements.
17. User registration requests can now be checked using CAPTCHA technology in order to cut down spam and bot requests. Get public and private keys for your domain from: and enter them in config.php.
18. If the email subsystem is enabled, WIKINDX can now use the more efficient PEAR::Mail rather than PHP's default Mail().
PEAR::Mail is not part of the standard PHP install. See config.php for configuration options.
19. A search string can now be specified using combinations of double quotes, AND, OR, and NOT.
20. In a multi-user system, admins can set statistics (resource views and attachment downloads of users' resources) to be emailed to registered users who are creators in the database. Statistics are emailed on or after the 1st of each month and are triggered by the first user (inc. read only) to access the wikindx on or after that date.
21. Conference poster and company brochure added as resource types.
22. Added a top-level menu 'search'.
23. Added Quick Search and the special string $QUICKSEARCH$ to place the quick search form on the front page (see Admin|Configure).
24. When viewing a list, selections from that list may be placed in the basket.
25. Added a language field to resources. Like categories and subcategories, languages must be added by the admin and can be browsed, selected and searched.
26. BibTeX import has been improved to handle UTF-8 encoding.
27. BibTeX export has been improved to offer a choice of ',' or ';' to separate keywords and a choice of UTF-8 or Latin (ISO-8859-1) and TeX encoding.
28. WIKINDX uses multi-level menus to make efficient use of the screen space. The number of menu levels can be set in user preferences unless the template designer has mandated a specific number.
29. The provision of a valid ISBN/ISSN for a resource makes that number hyperlinked to the Wikipedia 'Book Sources' site when viewing that resource.
30. Admin|Plugins allows admins to manage (e.g. enable or disable) plugins, templates, languages and bibliographic styles.
31. WIKINDX resources can now be optionally indexed by Google Scholar.

BUG FIXES include:
1. All querystring and form input is now stripped of javascript tags and other unwanted information.

1. Significant improvements to SQL execution speeds especially for complex queries and wikindices with large numbers of records.
2. Interface improvements re entering/editing new resources -- all fields are now entered on one page -- and search and list pages.

CHANGELOG v3, v2 and v1: see wikindx3/CHANGELOG in the wikindx3.8.2 download

Last updated: 13/January/2013